Laxlore Store, kenny & Clocks:

For those unfamiliar with the fellow above, his name is Kenny.  Kenny is a character from the show SOUTH PARK.  He has an exciting story: for the first five seasons of SOUTH PARK, Kenny died in every episode. It was a running gag, he would die in an episode, often tragically, and then reappear in the next one without explanation. 

Part of the entertainment was seeing how Kenny would die; and while it seems wrong at first, it shouldn't.  Just think of the Wily Coyote dying in the Roadrunner cartoon over and over. Like the Wily Coyote, the more absurd Kenny's death, the more entertaining it becomes.

LAXLORE has its own form of KENNY. We don't kill a character, but we do plug a product in every story. Once readers know this it becomes part of the entertainment; how we work it into the story can be judged on how slick or lame it appears and the comic aspects to it.

There are many reasons for the KENNY. The biggest reason is the inspiration for LAXLORE.COM is to create an online store, which feels like a neighborhood lacrosse store, one of those places where people bought their equipment before everything went online, lacrosse chains existed, and big stores got into the game.

These stores still exist, but they are rare today.  Those who have been fortunate enough to have one, know they have a barbershop feel.  They are a lacrosse hangout where all things lacrosse is discussed: how to string heads, stories and modern-day tall tales about the up and coming local phenom.  And, of course, there are constant debates like which local Prep team will be the best next season.

At a barbershop lax store, the person who helps you this year, eight years prior, buckled on your first helmet. This person isn't a shop minder, nor is he a barber. He is a person who knows your story, your struggles, and—yes—your dreams.  You know, as you walk out the door, you will receive words of encouragement, a pat on the back and be happier than you were when you walked in; and if you find this saccharine sweet then you are correct.

The shop minder and the shop are lovely places but the shop isn't there if products aren't sold and so it is with LAXLORE.  It cannot exist as it is meant to be without sales. Our aim, and we take this seriously, is providing irresistibly fantastic stories and videos for our readers. These are intended to replicate the experience of the barber shop, and our store, LAXLORE STORE, is as well. There is no store like it.

Now we are only selling 4 GREAT T-SHIRTS? the rest are other businesses products. This is how it is set up: we regularly go through the clearance sections of online stores. We then pick out the best deals, and in the description section below, provide the link that will take you to the item. We also provide an explanation as to why it is a great deal.  We only put great deals in the store.  There are plenty of these to be had, especially if you have as much experience as we do. These are the online stores we go through:

Dicks, Lacrosse Monkey,, Lax Unlimited, Sideline Swap, Sports Stop, Total Lacrosse, Tribe 7, Universal Lacrosse, and E-Bay.

There are many reasons behind our taking this unusual approach. One is it replicates the experience of receiving help at the Barber Shop, where the aid is done first and foremost for you. Two, through making these efforts on behalf of our readers/customers, we trust they will believe us when we tell them one of our products is a great deal; and, we hope, people will return in kind, look to buy from us.

It should be noted, a great deal for one person, may not be for another.  For instance, one item will appeal to high school player, others to a father with young children. In our description section, we identify who the product would appeal to most.

The over-arching theme is to make sales as unobtrusive as possible.  In other words, we don't want to push people for emails.  Fact is, though, it takes time to produce the level of content on the scale we find satisfactory, and everyone knows what time equals. Therefore, THE KENNY must exist, but there is one more reason. People deserve to know what they are reading, and people need to know LAXLORE has three different types of articles:

  • Colorfully dressed up articles, which is an effort to sell a product, but with a consumer reports kind of breakdown.  As in this is a great product, and here is why.  Readers will come to understand. These will not all be our products.
  • Articles or video created solely for entertainment purposes.
  • A cross between the two. Genuinely entertaining articles, written in story form, but inspired by a sales pitch.

The third type obviously seems a bit odd, but a good example can be found in A Tale of Two Heads, it has an element of this at the end.

Speaking of elements, the element shirt above can be purchased NOW in the LAXLORE STORE for $17.99. It's a way to show people where your priorities are. The above should serve as an example of THE KENNY, for this article. Now let's get to the clocks. This is short and simple.

We want all our work to be of high quality. We put a tremendous amount of time in, and we love to do it. However, if an article is time sensitive, let's say news related, then it may not be as polished as others. At the bottom of the article, we provide clocks, like stars, letting people know what kind time we were able to put into it.

What we don't want are people reading an article, and think standards have dropped when such is not the case. Then again, frequently people may find the more hastily thrown together pieces more. 

Thanks for reading this. We hope you're enjoying the articles and please make a visit to LAXLORE STORE, get a T-Shirt, and make an investment in your future lacrosse entertainment?.

Damien Begley

Writer, Player, Stringer, Fan, proud Head Coach of the DC Champion Wilson Tigers, self-described lacrosse enthusiast who ultimately can be held responsible for anything you read, see or hear on this site. To reach