The Lacrosse Mongols:

Countless schools use Vikings as their mascot, but nobody uses the Mongols.  It’s a bit mystifying. They check all the boxes when it comes to a desirable mascot: fierce, intimidating and a bid odd looking, like a Viking or a Trojan.

Nonetheless, nobody wants anything to do with them, which begs the proverbial question: why? There are probably several reasons, but one reason must be the words of Genghis Kahn.

Fact is many of the things the guy said were horrible enough to disqualify the Mongols as an acceptable mascot for more than 800 years. Here is one of his best, or worst depending on how one wants to look at it:

"Man's highest joy is in victory to conquer one's enemies; pursue them; to deprive them of their possessions; to make their beloved weep…" 

Let's stop at weep, because after weep—Genghis begins to get nasty.  For this reason, it should be inappropriate to draw parallels between high school lacrosse teams and the Mongols, except in this situation there are too many not to. 

In fact, there is no need to provide the names of the schools.  Through the similarities alone, the readers can figure it out.

#1 Lethal Adversaries:

Both are lethal adversaries. If you play them, then God have mercy on your record; they won’t.  Few teams that play them will walk away with a W.  However, those who will put themselves on an inside track to the top of the national rankings.  

#2 Different Tactics:

A big reason for the Mongols success on the battle field was their use of horses and the compound bow.  The compound bow made it possible for them to wage war almost exclusively from the saddle, and few armies had seen this before.

These teams possess this quality as well.  No, they don’t use compound bows or anything remotely as lethal, but their games are different and present problems most of their opponents find unfamiliar.   

#3 Element of surprise:

This was a calling card of the Mongols. With the entire army traveling by horseback, the Mongols would appear out of nowhere with a force their adversaries were unprepared for.

While we know where these teams come from, most of their opponents know little about them.  From, one year to the next nobody knows what is going to show up, and scouting reports are few and far between

#4 Intimidating:

For the Mongols it is difficult to say if Breaking Bad was a part of the vernacular, or anything like it.  It's just what they did, and many would argue they were better at in than anyone else in the history of the world (READ KENNY & CLOCKS IF CONFUSED).  

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Genghis had an intimidating tactic.  He would lob decapitated heads over the parapets of cities and then inform all inside it if they did not surrender then everyone would die. It worked; in fact, it worked so well, many cities would surrender the moment the Mongols showed up.

Our teams have an element of this working for them as well.  Their reputation precedes them. Very often their opponents have never seen them before; however, they have seen their records, and these are intimidating.  

#5 Travel Great Distances:

Genghis’ crew conquered the largest contiguous land empire in the history of the world. In doing so the Mongols unintentionally made one contribution to mankind, at least, one everyone seems to agree on; that is their empire allowed communication, trade, and all that stuff occur over greater distances than it ever had before.

The lacrosse Mongols in their own way make the same contribution to the fun of a High School lacrosse season. By hopscotching from one lacrosse hotbed to another, they provide a delightful measuring stick for comparing regional powers.  

While ridiculously inexact, it affects the polls and provides a lot of fun speculation.  Everyone knows how this works.  It becomes a game of—well, if we beat them, and they lost to such and such, then we must be better than “those guys.”

If you cannot figure it out after all this then here is a hint:  4/22/18    Results 8-7 3 OT

Damien Begley

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