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Most in Aussies in public will not admit this but during the 2016 season many were convinced they had seen a Thylaxcine, a beast declared extinct years ago, running across the college lacrosse landscape.

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out a week ago, the WCAC made a major announcement 

nsidering . The league is one of the most competitive The space is there but the beasts are not the same. Whatever was there was domesticated by comparA week ago ison. These things happen in nature. And with the growth of the game and the opportunity to see it on television the full experience is unkownst in the news, however, was that the league would be adding The Heights to participate in the

Their migration patterns have changed. The space is no longer the space where the game occurs instead of the migraton something has happened. The excitement the electricity that flowed from one side to the next has been shut off.

In its place the domesticated beasts will take this migration and no-man’s land, the land of the Thylaxine man tamed, the beasts wiped out, domesticated or lost forever.

The pattern has become two triangles. These triangles shut off and on. And in the process the excitement disappeared. For forever you tell people about the Thylaxine. You tell people what they have missed but they look at you as if you are a liar, an old timer telling tales of the Thunderbird some imaginary beast. You pull out grainy film, but nobody will watch because it doesn’t exist. And those of you who remember it, saw it cannot believe it, but you go on.

But now the Thylaxine seems to have reappeared. Brown has shown it to be real. This is what they saw


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At the conclusion of the 2017 college lacrosse season Australia exhaled and Tasmania sighed, their memory of Benjamin still weighing heavily upon them. There is something about this that is unbelievable in its audacity. 

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Aussies and Tasmanians had been holding their breaths the entire 2017 season and they were beside themselves when it ended.

This will shock most North American fans; if it doesn’t, then the reason why undoubtedly will.

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Apparently it was seen playing for the Brown team that won the admiration of all of college lacrosse, but lost to Maryland in the semifinal.

While the 2016 Brown team did not win the championship, it was without question the most exciting team to watch in the tournament; and for many in years.

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The Brown team exhibited a style of play completely foreign to much of today’s lacrosse world.

The style was break neck fast, aggressive and unpredictable.

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Many attributed this unpredictability to the newness of Brown style. Most fans were convinced the style of play they were watching was unprecedented, something never seen before.

This general sense communicated over the broadcast had fans on the other side of the world in an emotional mess, some were enraged, others elated and some confused but all emotional.

Noses across the continent were pressed against HD screens; their DVRs playing, then rewinding, playing and rewinding perpetually.

Many even screamed at their televisions and cursed the broadcasters. They kept saying why will they not recognize what is before them; they must know and such things should be addressed immediately.

The Dog

To support the worthiness of their hysteria a great many of them admitted they actually pulled out their books on the endangered and extinct, all Aussies have these books, and paged through them care.

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All were mindful they didn’t get the pages immediately following the description of the Thylaxcine. But once they arrived at the description of the Thylaxine and its image they placed them against their screens checking to see they were not mistaken.

To everyone’s delight it was indeed what they thought. The beast had all those characteristics observable to the human eye and ---most importantly---the one that is not.

It was athletic, possessed magnificent stick skills; it played offense and defense but most importantly in glided seamlessly over the fields churning Bermuda triangles and wreaked havoc in its natural habitat: the middle of the field!

Brown’s loss was very upsetting to the whole continent and Tasmania. After all, the final four is the only games broadcast there and Brown’s loss denied them the opportunity to observe its entire splendor, the thing they needed most to reawaken their hopes.

But the Aussies are an optimistic people. This is different they told each other. What we have now is not grainy images provided by an unknown hermit who had just emerged out of nowhere from the outback.

No what they had was irrefutable high definition footage seen by the world, which while comforting did cause a great deal of consternation, because this did create doubt. Others who had the ability to see it in person should have at least demanded a sample be taken.

And, of course, there were also the sick cynics who jokingly said “Hey, who knows they might kill it, so nobody bet their Benjamins yet!”

This was met with harsh criticism. It was a sick joke using a reference to the U.S. currency and the expense of poor Benjamin.

It would be expected at this point North American readers will have quite a few questions and first among them may be: who on God’s earth is Benjamin?

We are glad you asked because this is unquestionably where we should start.

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